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Business Partnership Plan

Join EFD Group's Business Partner Program and grow your business with us, as we offer outstanding services and competitive terms to our business partners. Your business brand can get benefit from EFD Group's cutting edge technology. We provide outstanding services that are flexible and customizable to help you in maximizing your earning potential. Our missionary work is to establish the correct path for our clients in terms of financial services and training.

Promoting the products or services of EFD Group through marketing channels such as websites, social media, email campaigns, or educational content is the basis for a partnership. The company provides commissions or fees to affiliates who refer clients. Partners can earn passive income from client referrals, access marketing materials, and promote the company's offerings with flexibility.

Partnerships are a standard business structure and provide entrepreneurs with many advantages, including pooling resources, sharing expertise, and dividing risks and responsibilities.

The terms of the partnership agreement determine how profits and losses are distributed among the partners. Profit-sharing arrangements can be determined by the partners' capital contributions, ownership percentages, or any other criteria specified in the contract. Partnerships have the option to either allocate profits for reinvestment in the business or distribute them to partners as income.

Successful partnerships are built on mutual trust, respect, and open communication among the partners. Partnerships require effective collaboration, compromise, and conflict resolution to navigate challenges and make informed decisions that align with the interests of all partners.

EFD Group's Business Partnership Program is free to join and it could be the most valuable step in the world for you. We offer the most competitive commission in the industry today. These are designed to help you earn more out of your activity.

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Regular payment of profit
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We equip you with everything necessary to
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Find detailed reports of all the clients
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Partnership Features

    Being a business partner with EFD Group, we will offer you:
  • Prompt commission payment
  • Cost per Acquisition
  • Education & marketing support
  • Innovative and cost efficient solutions
  • Opportunity to work with the world's leading financial companies
  • We are recognized as a trusted service leader & hold licenses from regulatory bodies such as FSA, CySEC, FCA, FSCA, FSC, FCS, and CMA.
  • The highest leverage for forex trading available in the market.
  • Immediate deposit and withdrawal capabilities.
  • 24/7 Email & Chat Support
  • A diverse range of payment systems offered with no commission fees.
  • Trading Mobile Application for Android and IOs
  • Trading Web Appliaction for Windows and Mac
  • Trader's Personal Area on both Mobile and Desktop
  • Professional Web Terminal

Exit Strategies:
Partnership agreements should include provisions for exit strategies, such as buy-sell agreements, dissolution procedures, or methods for transferring ownership interests. These provisions outline the process for resolving disputes, exiting the partnership, or transferring ownership interests in the event of retirement, death, or other life changes.

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