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Portfolio Management Services

EFD Group provides Portfolio Management Services (PMS) with expertise in investment management to institutional, high-net-worth, and individual clients. Our clients entrust us with managing investment portfolios to achieve specific investing objectives, such as capital appreciation, income generation, and risk avoidance. These are the essential elements of portfolio management services.

EFD Group has an innovative and proactive team to help you maintain and expand your personal or professional finances. The personnel at EFD Group have expertise in managing clients funds across the globe in real estate, stock markets, commodities, currencies, physical metals, and many other sectors.

As a client, you benefit from your wealth is our main aim. There is a never-ending need for specialists to manage such wealth for you. The EFD Group's system is constructed to support and provide a safe and growing environment for your finances. Collaborating with EFD Group enables us to manage and administer your investments for your growth. You can have access to a team of skilled and educated professionals who have enough working experience to handle your finances and wealth. EFD Group's well-defined process works to improve your investment experience and returns.

Professional & Profitable Investment

Why PMS with EFD?

    The primary objective of EFD Group since its entry into the Portfolio Management Services industry has been to raise awareness about the risks involved in the Forex market. We straightforwardly communicate the risk factor without fear of losing business. We are dedicated to relaying all the strengths and weaknesses of the market. This dedication defines our relationship with clients. EFD Group offers a range of fund management strategies to meet our clients' needs. Our business is based on this fundamental principle: we understand the client's requirements and execute the strategy to maximize their investment returns. Our investment and research teams work together to select high-quality fund managers to operate in a massive trading market successfully. It's a complicated process to choose the appropriate fund managers. Our research team has developed a unique risk-grading plan to monitor the complete performance of fund management.

  • Tailored Investment Management:
    EFD Group offers customized investment management solutions based on clients' specific investing preferences, risk tolerance, and financial goals. Customers can work closely with portfolio managers to comprehend their financial objectives and create personalized investment plans that meet their needs.
  • Professional Expertise:
    We at EFD Group employ portfolio managers who are experienced and trained and know about asset classes, investment techniques, and financial markets. Our Portfolio managers find investment opportunities through extensive research, analysis, and due diligence, enabling them to create well-diversified portfolios for the clients.
  • Diversification:
    EFD Group believes in diversifying PMS portfolios across various asset classes, industries, geographical areas, and investment instruments to lower risk and improve returns. Our portfolio managers use diversification techniques to minimize the risks of individual stocks or sectors while maximizing risk-adjusted returns for investors.
  • Active Management:
    We are committed to dynamically managing our clients' portfolios and constantly monitoring market conditions, financial patterns, and investment opportunities. Portfolio supervisors make strategic resource assignments, rebalance portfolios, and adjust venture positions based on changing market flows and investment perspectives.
  • Transparency and Reporting:
    EFD Group is known for its transparency and customary detail, providing clients with nitty gritty knowledge on portfolio execution, resource allocation, venture possessions, and exchange exercises. Clients are periodically provided with portfolio explanations, execution reports, speculation techniques, and viewpoint upgrades.
  • Risk Management:
    Risk Managers work with the technical experts at EFD Group and prioritize managing risk and conserving capital to assist their clients in achieving their investment goals. Portfolio supervisors employ risk management methods, like broadening, resource assignment, stop-loss orders, and supporting methodologies, to minimize drawback hazards and safeguard client assets during showcase downturns.
  • Minimum Investment Requirements:
    EFD Group's PMS accounts typically have the lowest speculation requirements, which makes them accessible to high-net-worth individuals and financial specialists in organizations. Clients must meet the minimum speculation limits to establish and keep a PMS account with us.
  • Fee Structure:
    We charge for our services, with the rate of resources under administration (AUM) and performance-related incentives being the main factors. Different plans have different expense structures, which can be affected by portfolio estimates, venture methodologies, and levels of customization.
  • Regulatory Compliance:
    The administrative oversight of budgetary specialists in their wards is given to PMS suppliers. They must comply with administrative prerequisites, revelation measures, and guardian obligations to act within the best interface of clients and keep up the keenness and straightforwardness of their venture administration hones.
  • Asset Research
    We believe in proper asset research before taking the final call of investment.
  • One stop solution
    With EFD Group, you will get a one-stop solution for all your financial and business queries.
  • Our Support
    We are famous for 24/7 online support services to our clients and partners.
  • Global Exposure
    We have tie-ups with reputed financial institutes in more than 120 countries globally.
  • Market Analysis
    Reports and analysis by our funds manager are highly resourceful and profitable.
  • EFD Group's Portfolio Management Services offer sophisticated investors access to professional investment management expertise, personalized portfolio strategies, and active management of their investment portfolios. By outsourcing investment management to experienced professionals, clients can benefit from diversification, risk management, and potential long-term wealth creation while focusing on their broader financial goals and objectives.
Portfolio Management Services

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Portfolio Management Services


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